Great Harvest Bread

Gift Baskets!
All our hand-crafted gift basket arrangements are filled with freshly-baked goodies, artfully arranged in our rustic baskets, and fastened with our logoed gift tag and a festive bow!

Gift Baskets!

Celebration Basket - $34.00

This wonderful basket will surely add to any celebration. Lined with a festive tea towel,  It features a loaf of our famous Honey Whole Wheat, a decadent cake bread of the day, a jar of gourmet Great Harvest jam, and a Great Harvest spreader.

Abundant Basket - $55.00

This popular holiday offering perfectly showcases your generous nature! Lined with a festive tea towel, It includes a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the specialty loaf and cake bread of the day, a jar of gourmet Great Harvest jam, a Great Harvest bread knife, and a jar of gourmet whipped honey.

Extravagant Basket - $70.00

Make a statement with this gorgeous arrangement that is sure to be a show-stopping gift for your office, colleagues, friends, and family! Lined with a festive tea towel, this basket includes a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the cake bread of the day, two specialty loaves of the day, a bag of our famous Ginger Bars, a jar of gourmet Great Harvest jam, a bag of 100% Whole Grain cookie mix, a jar of gourmet whipped honey, and a Great Harvest Bread knife. 

Build-Your-Own Basket Set! - $12.00

Includes our rustic basket, a festive tea towel, crinkle-cut filler, logoed gift tag, and a festive ribbon. Simply add your additional Great Harvest goodie purchases for a thoughtful and personalized gift!
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Logoed Great Harvest Kitchen Tools!

Great Harvest Bread Knife - $9.95

Add to the fun of fresh bread with our sturdy, logoed, bread slicing knife! It's sure to slice any loaf of bread to perfection! 

Great Harvest Spreader - $2.50

Our durable logoed spreaders are a must have! Perfect for spreading your favorite sandwich condiments or spreading butter, honey, and jam on your morning toast!

Great Harvest Batter Scraper - $2.50

Perfect for getting that last bit of yummy batter out of the bowl, our logoed scrapers are sure to be a kitchen go-to for all your cooking and baking!

Great Harvest Pancake Flipper - $2.50

Our wide-surfaced, logoed pancake flippers are sure to last you many mornings making breakfast with family and friends!
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